As with all of my swims, I like to research where I am going and learn as much as I can about the community protocols. This is an important part of reconcillation.

While researching Haida Gwaii I came across the Haida Gwaii Pledge website. The site provides a host of information on Haida ways of being, including a visitor orientation guide, and asks that visitors take the pledge:

I will respect Haida Gwaii and Haida Ways of Being during my visit 

“The Haida Nation is the rightful heir to Haida Gwaii. Haida citizens carry the inherent right to govern and steward our homeland. All people in Haida Territories hold a responsibility to protect this place for future generations. In return for your respectful actions, we will welcome you as guests to experience our Air, Ocean, Land and People. “

If you plan to visit Haida Gwaii I encourage you to visit the website and sign the pledge.

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